José Luis Ramallo

Category: Labour adviser
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He got a diploma in Labour Relations and is an expert on Labour Law. He got the diploma of Pedagogical Aptitude in the Institute of Education Sciences at Santiago de Compostela University. He did MAs in Management and Administration (A Coruña University), Marketing and Trade Management and Juridical Consultantship. He got a diploma in Negotiation Techniques (Times Management International) andStock Market and Portfolio Management (University College Dublin and Madrid Market). He attended courses on Business Management (Hull University, England). He worked as a labour adviser in a juridical office, participated in the establishmentof foreign companies in Spain and advised about investment to several companies. He was an advisor of 'Richard Organisation' in educational matter, Spanish representative of the 'Richard Language College' and Spanish representative of 'Career Centre' Hotel.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated in several media and attended more than 200 courses seminars and conferences. He carried out works on cultural management and business leadership and a project about an environmental diagnosis. He participated in student unions and neighbour associations. He was the president of the young members of the political party 'Partido Popular', candidate to mayor on three occasions, candidate to the European Parliament and provincial secretary of the political party 'Centro Democratico y Social' (CDS).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a great expert on other cultures. Nowadays, he participates in several activities to help the civil society such as organ and blood donation, clothes for beggars and soup kitchen. He speaks English, Italian and Galician. In 1997, he entered the club 'Club de Leones' La Coruña-Marineda.' He is member of the 'Lions International Club', where he filled the offices of treasurer (1998) and vice-president (1999), now he is the president. He is also a member of 'María Pita' Order.