Francisca López López

Birth Date: 9th February 1969
Birth Place: Barcelona
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She coordinates projects for the development of the Craftsmanship and Design Centre of Lugo. Her interests go around the idea of design as a tool for the adaptation of small crafts companies to the needs of the consumer.
She studied industrial pattern designing with Sabina Lozano and Celsa López. She completed her education at Ramón Falcon School of Applied Arts and started her professional career creating her own method for teaching industrial patronage. Shortly after, she began to work as a teacher at Fanshionmas Fashion Design School.
She worked as a free lance for private firms and for local companies and institutions and was one of the founders of Muralla Moda Association. She coordinated Lucus Augusti Catwalk and directed the project for the promotion of local fashion and craftsmanship (Deseño de Orixe Galego).
She directed the Craftsmanship and Design Centre of Lugo County Council since its foundation in 1994 until the beginning of 2007. She developed part of her professional activity organising workshops of musical instruments, regional costumes, binding and furniture.
She directed and presented reports and programmes about craftsmanship, design and fashion of Telelugo, Televisión de Galicia and Telecinco. She designed tens of institutional stands that were awarded prizes in professional saloons (IFEMA, Fira de Barcelona, IFEVI, Silleda…) and a hundred scenographies and exhibition mountings.
He gave lectures in seminars and was a member of the panel in several contests and awards such as Tesoiras (Xunta de Galicia), Catwalk of Young Designers in the Fair of Camariñas, Antón Fraguas Contest, Terra das Mariñas and Suave II.
She promoted the creation of the programme for the support of craftsmanship development regarding research, design, teaching, new technologies and cooperation. During a ten-year-period she organized courses, conferences, seminars and workshops on creativity, ecological design, new materials and new technologies and tendencies.
Regarding commercial promotion of craftsmanship, she organized the first ten editions of Artesanfroilán and started La Comercializadora project.

 Work & Activities

She promoted the publication of Escultura Gallega Contemporánea: la cerámica como punto de partida. Dos culturas y un diálogo, EKWC, Cerámicas de Picasso, 10 meses y 10 días, Configuras, Kei Ito, Rastros, Etnolab, Mujeres desde el vidrio, Obradores Gaudí, Cestería de los pueblos de Galicia, Plantas cesteables, Alfarería de Bonxe, Os ferreiros de Ferreiravella, Reproducciones de Arte de los museos de Lugo, Manuales tecnológicos para la artesanía, etc.
She worked for the reconstruction and extension of the craftsmanship facilities such as the Basketmaking Workshop for the promotion and use of autochthonous vegetable fibres and sustainable design and St Maria Chapel, dedicates to the organization of presentations, chill outs, performances and contemporary design and craftsmanship exhibitions.
Regarding education, she promoted work experience for students at the Craftsmanship Centre and created portable workshops and the programme Amigos de la Artesanía. She collaborated in several acts to recover the ethnographic, cultural and religious heritage in the province of Lugo and was a member of the Culture Council of Lugo County Council.
As for social responsibility, she promoted the creation of quality management plans and the Craftsmanship and Design Centre accession to the World Agreement.
She was the head of AVANTCRAFT Project (young designers, new shapes, new ways and new times for Atlantic Culture). This project was chosen by the European Commission between the best 50 European projects in the context of knowledge economy.
She is a member of the working team of Bosque Sagrado de Lugo - Ciudadano Verde Foundation.