José Ernesto Díaz Noriega

Category: Cinema director
Birth Date: In 1912 († - )
Birth Place: Barcelona

He worked as a forestry expert assistant in Valencia, Madrid and A Coruña, where he arrived in the 50's.

 Work & Activities

Cinema was his vocation. In 1935, he had already filmed Las ninfas de la charca and the following year he filmed El viejo parque del oeste. During the Spanish Civil War, he fought with the national army and filmed Un frente en calma and Banderas victoriosas. He also filmed Dos versiones del mar, Sever Odnum (Mundo la revés), El Jurado, Al Nasr Altair, El festival, Bosques de Galicia, Os Suevos, Nuestros prados, nuestros montes, El cine amateur, Nosferatu, Metrópolis and Sangre y Arena. and participated in the Galician films Illa, O herdeiro, O pai de Migueliño and Fendetestas.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the first president of the Galician Cinema Association and member of the panel in many festivals. He was awarded the Gold Palm at Cannes Festival and the gold medals at Estoril and Dvronik Festivals.