José Carlos Ulloa García

Category: Teacher and Writer
Birth Date: 7th January 1967
Birth Place: Lugo
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He studied Primary Education at the Franciscan School of Lugo and Secondary Education at St Joseph School. Then he moved to Santiago to study Pharmacy and became aware of his vocation for teaching. In 1990, he graduated as a teacher specialised in English Philology. Some years later, he managed to work at the Franciscan School where he had studied when he was a child, which made him very happy. He passed an exam in a public competition but he gave up to go on working at this school where he had always wanted to. He specialised as a teacher of Galician Language and travelled to Ireland in summer to improve his English. He was responsible for several Spanish groups in Ireland in three consecutive summers. His stays in Ireland left an important influence in his poetry. He has attended many courses to help his pupils the best he can such as: Educative reform, Musical invention and drawing, Linguistic and methodological modernization for English teaching, Global approach on foreign languages, Conferences on linguistic learning, Evaluation, Courses on Galician normalization, Courses at Drogheda Summer School (Ireland), Education for love and sex, Didactic objectives and evaluation design, Internet, Application of Internet in foreign languages, Courses on Theology, etc. He graduated in English and Galician at the Language School.

 Work & Activities

Poetry is his great passion. His book El poeta, el embrujo y la musa is about to be published but he has also written other compositions. His romantic poems are influenced by Becquer. He says 'poetry is the highest expression of the soul'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He enjoys his favourate hobbies: sport, reading, music and travelly. He thinks that reading and travelling are the most important cultural activities for the human being. He reads a lot and loves culture in all its expressions.