José Rodríguez Rodríguez

Pseudonym: X. Roi Brâs
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 18th april 1962
Birth Place: Ourense
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-He took a degree in Teaching and has been working as teacher of Primary Education since 1983.

 Work & Activities

1983: He wrote the poetry book for children Tic-Tac. 1984: He wrote the poetry book Cando era tempo de inverno. 1986: He collaborated in the magazine 'Follas Secas'. 1990: He collaborated in the magazine 'Agalia', nº 21. 1990-91: He took part in the First and Second Congresses of Literature for Children in Santiago de Compostela. 1991: He collaborated in the book Voz e Voto. 1990 up to now: he took part in the Congresses of Poets of Valdeorras

 Other Interesting Aspects

-Member of the Spanish Academy. -Member of the 'Poetry Society' (United Kingdom). -Member of the 'Poetry Society' (America).