José Baldomir Rodríguez

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 26th November 1867 (†1st February 1947)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He was pupil of Martial Torres del Adalid and worked as a teacher at the School of Fine Arts in A Coruña. He took part in several boards of examiners and was the president of the panel of musical contests for choral societies, bands and Galician choirs. He conducted 'El Eco' and 'El Brigantino' choral societies, the 'Liceo del Brigantino' orchestras, the orchestra of the society 'Breton de los Herreros' and the choirs and orchestra of 'Hijas de María'. In 1906, he was invited to give a recital in the Athenaeum of Madrid and he also carried out a tour around Spain, France and Portugal.

 Work & Activities

The operas A Virxe do Crista and Santos e Meigas and the instrumental works Oratorio and Poema sinfónico are some of his most outstanding works. He created works based on poems written by Rosalía ("Ti onte, mañán eu"; "Grilos e ralos..."), Pondal ("Monte Branco"; "Ten o seu punto a rosa"), Cabanillas ("Camiño da ermita"; "O cantar"...), Curros ("¿Cómo foi?") and other Castilian poems. He developed activities on Musicology picking up traditional Galician topics for Cantos y bailes populares de España by José Irizanga and Cancionero Musical Popular Español by Felipe Pedrell.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in A Coruña (1905), 'San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts (1922) and the Galician Academy (1941).