José Armando Cotarelo Álvarez

Category: Music teacher

He studied in the conservatories of Lugo and Ourense and has experience in different musical styles. He started his activity in light music in “Los Magos” when he was seventeen. He was on “Los Alesandi” during the 60’s and 70’s. The group change its name to “Alquitara” in the 80’s. He is a member of the General Society of Authors and Editors. He composed several successful songs such as "Lonxe do lar" (EDIGAL S.A.) and “Carmela", sung by Fedry and published by RUADA (then called EDIGAL S.A.). This song was very favourable received in the market and the media.

 Work & Activities

In 2004 ‘Antaruxas e Sorteiros’ Cultural Association asked him to organize and give name to ‘Souto do Reiseñor’ Polyphonic Choral. Despite having left composition, he performed for the first time ‘Camiñando por A Fonsagrada’ in 2005 as homage to those people. Regarding classic music, he specialized in Spanish themes for guitar from the early 20th century. He also founded ‘ARCO’ Chamber Group only formed by guitar teachers and was a member of the Galician Guitar Association (“Agrupación Guitarrística Galega”). One of his musical interests since he started to conduct bands and other coral groups was the exaltation of the aesthetic and concert level of Galician music, restoring quality works or by means of his own harmonisations of popular themes.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was conductor of the ‘Orfeón Lucense’.