Jesús Fidel Fernán Bello

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 25th April 1954
Birth Place: Cospeito (Lugo)
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He studied Secondary Education at 'Maristas' School in A Coruña. Then he studied Dramatic Art at the School of Dramatic Art in Madrid, where he met Josema Yuste and Millán Salcedo, members of the comic group 'Martes y Trece', Verónica Forqué, etc. He is also an attorney although he does not practise and specialised in Business Management at Santiago de Compostela University. In 1974, he started to work in the radio station 'Radio Madrid (SER)' as an actor in a radio serial. In 1979, he moved to Lugo and started to work as an announcer in the radio station 'Radio Lugo'. In the middle 80's, he presented the magazine 'Telegalicia' on Galician TV. From 1996 to 1997, he presented other programmes such as 'Viva o domingo', 'Arestora', 'Que foi de...', 'De viva voz', 'Galeguidade', etc. In 1990, he presented the musical 'Mar a mar', which was broadcasted on the international channel of Spanish TV, especially for South America. He also presented the magazine 'Hoxe en día' in the radio station 'RNE-4' for Galicia. In 1991, he founded the radio stations 'Radio Principal, S.A.' (one in Monforte de Lemos, the other one in Vilalba), nowadays linked to the radio station 'Cadena SER'. In 1995, he founded 'TV7 Sur', a television that covers the South of the province of Lugo, focussing mainly on Monforte and Sarria.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes: 'Tertulia' Prize, awarded by the radio station 'RNE' for his programme 'Telegalicia' (1987), 'TP' Prize to the best Galician TV presenter (1988); 'TP' Prize to the best programme for 'Arestora' (1989); 'TP' Prize to the best Galician TV presenter (1989); 'TP' National Prize to creativity (1989) for the animate figure 'Pupo' and 'Anduriña' Prize for his programme 'Galeguidade' (1995), awarded by the Federation of Galician Centres in California (USA).