Jenaro Pérez López

Category: Priest, sociologist, businessman and writer
Birth Date: 31st March 1942
Birth Place: Buriz, Guitiriz (Lugo)
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He studied Latin, Humanities and Phisophy in the Seminary of Mondoñedo and Theology in the Hispanic Seminary of Madrid and the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He started to study Sociology at Leon XIII Institute (Madrid) and went on with his studies at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), where he took a degree in Sociology with his thesis “Emigración y cambio social en Galicia”. He also took a degree in Education at the Spanish Open University (UNED) and finished his doctorate courses on Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid, carrying out several research works that are still unpublished.

 Work & Activities

In 1967-68, he studied Religion in a private Secondary School in Carabanchel Bajo (Madrid), where he organized a school for gypsy children. From 1968 to 1972, he lived in Leuven and Brussels, taking part in the organization of several social services for Spanish emigrants in Liege, Brussels and London. On his returning to Spain, he carried out some research journalistic works for two years in Gibraltar. When he returned to Galicia, he worked as a sociologist at Caritas Galicia for a year, joining to some important projects, and carried out some isolated research works for the programmes of “Preescolar na Casa”, such as the creation of restored house network for child activities and planning of nurseries in peripheral urban areas. He has published several articles in “Encrucillada” and “Xermolos”, usually related to rural Galicia. Since 1976, he has been living in Madrid, where he has created a state agency. He also attended doctorate courses on Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid, taking part in several research works about urban neighbour associations. He has recently published “Tras las huellas de la cultura y del medio natural de Guitiriz”. Nowadays he is retired and collaborates in El Progreso (Lugo) and in the supplement A Chaira with some articles. He is also preparing the publication of some of his research works about the Terra Cha (Lugo), the Galician rural area planning and urban vs rural neighbourhood.