Jaime Veiga

Birth Date: In 1962
Birth Place: Lampazas – Samos (Lugo)
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Grupo Veiga is nowadays one of the most important leisure business in Barcelona. The firm consists of six pubs and discos, all of them spread all around Barcelona: "Enjoy Club", "Mil Pasos", "Nayandei", "Pippermint", "Lacity", "Spazio Martini" and "Golden Eye".
Jaime Veiga discovered Barcelona when he was 18 on a study trip and established himself there shortly after. He was awarded prizes to the best businessman (1998-2002). He inaugurated three clubs placed at Maremagnum Shopping Centre, on the coast of Barcelona. Thousands of people from all countries enjoy themselves there at night. Modern facilities, a sophisticated technology regarding light and sound, a well cared design and the beautiful port of Barcelona lure the thousands of customers that visit them.