Isabel González Fernández

Category: Philologist
Birth Date: 5th December 1949
Birth Place: Rábade (Lugo)
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She took a degree in Romance Philology in 1972 and presented her minor thesis Vocabulario do Val de Burón. From 1972 to 1975, she was a research scholarship holder at the Council of Scientific Investigations. It was in 1975 that she took her doctor's degree in Romance Philology and presented the thesis Estudios dos sufixos nominais no galego actual. She taught Italian Language and Literature as an assistant lecturer until 1988 that she became a Professor of Italian Philology. She directed research works, minor thesis, twelve doctoral thesis and ten research projects subsidised by the Xunta de Galicia and the Ministry of Education and Science. She gives seminars as well as monographic, doctorate and specialization courses for future Italianists and Italian Professors abroad. As a Professor, she visited several Italian Universities. She gives lectures in research centres and takes part as rapporteur in conferences given by Italianists. Now, she is directing the Italian-Galician Dictionary and working in a contrastive grammar between Italian and Galician.

 Work & Activities

She wrote the following books: Sufixos nominales no galego actual, Santiago de Compostela, 1978, 274 pages. Profilo di Sibilla Aleramo. La donna e l'intellettuale nelle opere e nel giudizio dei contemporanei, Santiago de Compostela, 1982, 206 pages. Antología de la Literatura Italiana, Ariel, Barcelona, 1986, 450 pages. El Apóstrofe en la Escuela Poética Siciliana. Parangón con la lírica gallego-portuguesa, Santiago de Compostela, 1989, 194 pages. Viaggio da Napoli à S. Giacomo di Galizia fatto dal Sigr. Nicola Albani. Manuscrito italiano del siglo XVIII. Castilian version nd edition, Edilán, Madrid, 1993, 293 pages. Vita Nuova. Nueva lectura, Palas Atenea, Madrid, 1999, 237 pages. She has published over than fifty articles in homages, minutes of conferences and magazines about Philology. She translated from Italian into Galician O príncipe by Maquiavelo, into Spanish El Novelino and from Galician into Italian.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was the coordinator and member of the scientific committee of several magazines about Philology and organised several conferences. She filled the offices of secretary of the Spanish Society of Italianists and dean of the Faculty of Philology. She was also responsible for 'Erasmus' and 'Socrates' programmes with Genoa, Bergamo, Milan, Udine, Trent and Bari Universities. Nowadays, she directs the Department of French and Italian Philology.