Inmaculada Purriños Souto

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 7th December 1978
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)
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As she was brought up in a family of photographers, she already showed her interest for photography since she was a girl. In 1998, she carried out her first exhibition In Santiago and went on with many others all over Spain. In 1999, she graduated in Photography at ‘Maestro Mateo’ Art School in Santiago de Compostela. The Spanish Federation of Photographers awarded her several merits and collections of honour. She was awarded the Photography Goya Prize (advertising section) in January 2003 and was nominated in the Photography Prizes of Navarra in February 2003. She gave her first lecture on Photography in Granada 8november 2003) and was awarded the First Photography Prize in Valencia in January 2004.

 Work & Activities

Nowadays, she carries out her activity with her parents and sister Inma in the studio they have in Vilalba (Lugo). They have another studio in Lugo at A Coruña Avenue.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is preparing an exhibition with her sister Yolanda. It is an exhibition of flowers with adequate photographies for decoration.
She was awarded the prize for the best advertising photography in Navarra
in December 2004.