Amador López Valcárcel

Pseudonym: Alvaro Madrazo Plecel
Category: Priest and journalist
Birth Date: 3rd January 1927
Birth Place: Havana (Cuba)

He entered the Seminary of Lugo in 1938, where he studied Humanities and Philosophy until June 1946. In 1946, he entered the Faculty of Theology at 'Comillas' Pontifical University (Santander). On 23rd July 1950, he was ordained as a priest in Lugo. In September 1951, he was nominated as officer of the Diocesan Curia, filling the offices of vice-chancellor and vice-secretary in 1952. The present bishop of Lugo, José Gómez González, granted him a post as beneficiary in the Cathedral (February 1981) and was promoted to general secretary of the Bishopric.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated in the newspapers El Progreso, Faro de Vigo and El Ideal Gallego with journalistic articles on divine service at Lugo's Cathedral, St Froilán and the Virgin. Some of his articles have been compiled in the book Historias Luguesas (County Council of Lugo, 1975). He has collaborated in Gran Enciclopedia Gallega and in the magazines 'Memoria Ecclesiae', 'LVCENSIA', 'Círculo Saviñao' and 'Miscelánea Samonense'. He also collaborated in the collection Concello de Samos. Historia das súas parroquias ('O Noso Lar' Foundation) and elaborated the brochure La Catedral de Lugo (sixteen pages), published by the County Council of Lugo in 1993.