Francisco Pazos González

Pseudonym: Macoco
Category: Footballer
Birth Date: In 1910 (†¿?)
Birth Place: Redondela (Pontevedra)

He studied Teaching in Pontevedra and worked as secretary of the Court in Redondela, but he devoted himself to football, his passion. He began to play football in Redondela, but he soon signed for the Celta F.C. and afterwards Palencia F.C., Leonesa F.C., Ourense F.C., Monforte F.C and Unión Sporting de Vigo F.C., the last Galician team in which he played before travelling to Brazil. In Salvador de Bahía, he played at Galicia Esporte Club at the same time he worked as a seller of several drink firms. He married Aida Piva Pazos and had a large family.