Florencio Vaamonde Lores

Category: Historian and writer
Birth Date: 2nd April 1860 (†20th October 1925)
Birth Place: Onces- Bergondo (A Coruña)

He was a very cultured person but modest at the same time, which made him not be very famous. He was one of the founders of the Galician Academy and writer of the magazine Revista Gallega.

 Work & Activities

Poetry: He published Os calaicos (La Habana, 1894), the Galician version of Odas by Anacreonte (A Coruña, 1897) and the poetry collections Mágoas (Lugo, 1901) and Follas ao vento (A Coruña, 1919). Vaamonde Lores also wrote an unpublished poetry collection titled Faíscas. Narrative: Resume da Historia de Galicia (A Coruña, 1898), which is a series of notes about Galician Literature. Historical publications for magazines and newspapers such as the poems A sombra de Fandiño and Fernando de Xinzo in A Nosa Terra (1908) and the narrative work La Epístola de Horacio a los Pisones in Revista Gallega (A Coruña, 1901). With his works Apuntes para la Historia de la Agricultura en Galicia (1910) and Medios prácticos para combatir los insectos perjudiciales a la agricultura gallega (1913) he got prizes in Vigo and Santiago respectively. He also published two short novels titled Bestas bravas (A Coruña, 1923) and Anxélica (A Coruña, 1925). We must also mention his lecture Proceso da cultura galega (1918).