Fernando Rey

Category: Actor
Birth Date: 20th September 1917 (†in 1994)
Birth Place: A Coruña

When Azaña was nominated as president of the Spanish Republica, he nominated Fernando’s father as military assistant. Fernando Rey was studying Mathematics in Madrid when the revolt took place in July 1936. He married the Argentinian actress Mabel Karr.

 Work & Activities

He was first successful in 1945 with the film Los últimos de Filipinas, directed by Antonio Román and Locura de amor in 1946, directed by Juan de Orduña. From that moment onwards he worked in different films such as Agustina de Aragón (1950), La señora Fátima (1951), Cielo negro (1951), Cómicos (1954), La venganza (1957), Sonatas (1959). During the 60's his career became very important. In 1961, he acted in Viridiana by Buñuel together with other films such as El precio de la muerte (1963) by Carol Reed, A escape libre (1964) by Alberto Lattuada, Campanadas a media noche (1966) by Orson Wells, Una historia inmortal (1966) by Jean Becker and Blanco y rojo y... by Mauro Bolognini. Fernando Rey worked with Buñuel in other occasions, acting in films such as Tristana (1970), El discreto encanto de la Burguesía (1972) and Ese oscuro objeto del deseo (1977). During the 70's he became an international actor in films such as French connection I and II (1971 and 1975), Nina (1976), Excelentísimos cadáveres (1976), Quintento (1978), El gran atasco (1978). He also took part in Spanish films such as Elisa, vida mía (1977), El crimen de Cuenca (1979), Bearn (1983), Padre nuestro (1985), Mi general (1987), Pasodoble (1988), El aire de un crimen (1988), Diario de invierno (1988), Madregilda (1993), Al otro lado del túnel (1993), El bosque animado and in serials for TV such as Don Quijote and Los Pazos de Ulloa.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Fernando Rey got many prizes and honours such as the Prize of San Sebastian Festival in 1972, in Cannes for the film Elisa, vida mía in 1977, gold medal for Fine Arts in 1981, an homage-prize in Cannes Festival in 1983, again in San Sebastián Festival in 1988, gold medal of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1991...