Estanislao Fabricio Fernández de la Cigoña Núñez

Pseudonym: Joseph de Milmanda y Américo Inconcluso
Category: Investigator, writer and ecologist
Birth Date: 31st July 1941
Birth Place: Vigo
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He is famous for his research works and serving Galician Society. Nowadays, he is the president of the following scientific, cultural and social entities: Galician Association for Culture and Ecology; Galician Institute of Marine Studies; Association of Friends of Animals; 'Promúsica'; Association of Studies and Defense of the Sea; 'Antisida Galicia Sur y Universidad de Miñota'. He discovered in Galicia all the breeding colonies of the European petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) and described for the first time the turtle (Mauremys leper). He found a fresh fish that had never been mentioned up to the moment , the 'barbela' of the river Miño (Cobites Victoriae). He also described the only meteorite that was officially found in our region and made an inventory of almost way-side shrines in Galicia.

 Work & Activities

These are some of the twenty-five books he published: Illas de Ons e Salvora, historia natural e humana (1989); Viaxeiras da auga (1990); Fauna galega para nenos galegos (1990); Cruces mariñas e de mala morte das costas galegas (1990); Illas de Galicia (1991); Cíes y Ons, la ruta de las islas (1991); Galicia, flora, fauna, terra e mar (1992); Esta fauna nosa (1994); As covas de Galicia (1995); Cruces e cruceiros de ánimas de Galicia (1997); Esmoleiros e petos de ánimas da Coruña, Ourense e Pontevedra (1998); Cando as estrelas caen do ceo (1999); Tódolos peixes de Galicia (1999) and Fauna das augas galegas (1999).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded 'Taboada Chivite' Prize (1998) and the medal to the Cultural Merit at Miñota University (1996). He gave many lectures and courses on cetaceans, turtles, birds and meteorites at several Spanish Universities.