José María Álvez

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: In 1953
Birth Place: Lugo
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He is one of the most important figures of digital photography in Galicia and works as a graphic editor in the newspaper El Progreso. Since he started artistic photography in 1973, he carries out at least an exhibition a year and collaborates in other collective exhibitions, both artistic and those related to photojournalism. He collaborates with many national newspapers and worked as a graphic correspondent of the EFE Agency until 1988. He was also a representative of the Association of Pressmen until 1997. He got in touch with digital photography in 1995 and one year later, he made his first exhibition with digital images, which was also the first one that could be seen in Galicia. Since then, he has carried out another four exhibitions of digital photography, the last one in October 2001 at 'Almirante' Gallery. His work is based on the use of digital instruments without refusing the classic image media such as black and white negatives that he changes with his computer.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: Lugo, cita con dos siglos (County Council of Lugo, 1984), Dueños de la luz (County Council of Lugo, 1990), Lugo, fin de século (Historical Records Office of Lugo), Fotoxornalismo (Xunta de Galicia, 1991) that gathers the most important Galician press photographers. In 1995, on the occasion of the Jazz Festival of Lugo, he published a book compiling all images for the last five years. In 2001, the magazine 'Digital Foto' (February issue) published a portfolio with seven pictures of his.

 Other Interesting Aspects

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