Faustino Rey Romero

Category: Priest, poet, writer
Birth Date: 27th October 1921 († 20th December 1971)
Birth Place: Isorna - Rianxo (A Coruña)

He studied Latin and Humanities at the Herbon Convent and went on with his ecclesiastic career at the Seminary in Ourense and Tui. In 1948 he was ordained as priest and then took his degree in Theology in Salamanca. In 1966, he moved to Buenos Aires. He became a member of the Galician Academy and the Society 'Mater Ecclesiae' in Braga, among other institutions.

 Work & Activities

Faustino Rey Romero wrote mainly poetry. These are some of his most important poetry books: Florilegio poético (1949), Doas de vidro (1951), Catro sonetos ó destino dunha rosa (1952), Escolanía de melros (1959), El ángel descielado (1961), A Agoa (1962), Poema das materias sagras (1963), La Angustia ensanchada (1964) and Teoría General de la existencia (1968). He also wrote the essays El trasmundo en la poesía de Noriega Varela and Una fiesta brillante de las letras gallegas: los Juegos Florales de Tui en 1891.