Euloxio Rodríguez Ruibal

Category: Playwright, scriptwriter, narrator and
Birth Date: 16th March 1945
Birth Place: Ordes (A Coruña)

He has been living in Compostela since he was a child. He visited theatre and cinema circle during his youth, which influenced on his later artistic and literary activities. The actor and director Juan Jesús Valverde introduced him into Ditea Chamber Theatre, where he collaborates for several years as stage manager. Then he founded and directed Obradoiro Theatre Group and Lupa Cinema Group. He wrote scripts and short theatre plays and his literary vocation reinforces with the knowledge of outstanding personalities like Eduardo Blanco-Amor, Luís Seoane and Isaac Díaz Pardo. He was also in touch with writers and artists of his generation (Xavier Carro, Roberto Vidal Bolaño…) or the previous generation (Bernardino Graña, Salvador García-Bodaño, Xulio Maside, Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín…) and focuses on play writing.
He entered the Galician Academy on 24th March 2006.
He was an archivist and librarian from 23rd January 2010 to 20th April 2013.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important theatre plays:

Zardigot (1974), A sonada e proveitosa enchenta do Marqués Ruchestinto no derradeiro século da súa vida (1975), O cabodano (1977), Azos de esguello (1990), Maremia (1996), O son da buguina (1999) Luscofusco (2000) and Labirinto da memoria (2010). In Minimalia. 20 pezas curtas (2004) there is a selection of short plays. He also wrote plays for children: Teatro infantil (O aparello troca tempos, Os ledos chirlomirlos de don Farraco Farraqueiro, A marquesiña encantada) (l988) and Brinquemos ó teatro (25 peciñas para nenos e xoves) (1990)
As a novelist, he wrote Casarriba (2000) and a lot of short stories published in press, magazines and collective books, many of them collected in the volume De corpo enteiro (1994). He also wrote the stories A fonte de Ana Manana, Noite americana and
He also wrote essays and research works, many of them taken from his participation as a lecturer in courses, seminars and conferences that were published in books and magazines. Many of these works were selected in the volumes Xogo de máscaras. Escritos sobre teatro galego (2003) and Escena aperta. Escritos sobre teatro (2009). “A plasticidade no teatro de Castelao” and “Achegamento ao teatro de Luís Seoane” in the first volume, “Mito e símbolo en Divinas palabras”, “A soldadeira: espazo e liberdade” and “Ecos do teatro oriental na dramaturxia occidental” in the second one are some of the most important ones. But his most important study is Valle-Inclán e o teatro galego. A recepción da obra dramática de Valle-Inclán na dramaturxia galega (1916–1973), which was published in 2005 and was awarded Valle-Inclán prize that same year.
In addition to the audiovisual work with Lupa, he was also the scriptwriter and director of VertiX (2008) and Mamai Fedra (2009). Ruibal also wrote other scripts: Macana de dote, che, Papá querido, Chacharachada, Aire fresco, Maruxía, Baile de máscaras and Namberguán.
He ran Torques Gallery (1975-1979) and Citania Gallery (1978) in Santiago de Compostela. Exhibitions of prestigious Galician artists (Laxeiro, Seoane, Colmeiro, Torres, Mallo, Castillo, De Dios, Lamazares…) or artists from other Spanish cities (Picasso, Miró, Saura, Tàpies…) were carried out in these galleries; there were also artistic and cultural activities with the collaboration of Blanco-Amor, Cunqueiro, Del Riego, etc. He also coordinated the edition of several portfolios of graphic work by famous Galician artists (Laxeiro, Granell, Colmeiro, Dans, Costa, Virxilio, De Dios, Lamazares...) and coedited Citania. Artes, letras, espectáculos (magazine of literary and creative studies) He organized several exhibitions, some of them itinerant all around different cities in Europe (Vitoria, Lorient, Cracow) and South America (Asunción, Buenos Aires, Río de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia)

 Other Interesting Aspects

He took a degree in Drama and a doctor’s degree in Literary Theory. Nowadays, he is an associate Professor in the Faculty of Communication Sciences (USC). He gave a lot of courses on drama and audiovisual at the three Galician universities.
Euloxio R. Ruibal was president of the Galician Association of Playwrights and the Galician Association of Writers in Galician Language. He was on a lot of panels of artistic and literary contests. Nowadays, he is a member of the Music and Performing Arts section of the Consello da Cultura Galega, as well as CEFILMUS (Centre of Film Studies of the University of Santiago Santiago). Teatro, cerimonia e xogo. A traxectoria teatral, literaria e cinematográfica de Euloxio R. Ruibal, coordinated by Anxo Abuín, is an outstanding collective volume with the extensive bibliography about his work.