Eugenio Montes Domínguez

Category: Writer, journalist
Birth Date: 23rd November 1897 († 28th October 1982)
Birth Place: Bande (Ourense)

He studied Secondary Education in Ourense and some years later he studied Law and Philosophy. He took his degree in Philosopy at Madrid University and Law in Oviedo. In Madrid he got in touch with the intellectual people of that time and some of the writers of the 1927-Generation (Lorca, Alberti or Gerardo Diego). He started to collaborate in magazines like Revista de Occidente and in newspapers such as La época, El Sol, El Debate or ABC, working as a correspondent in some European cities such as Rome, Paris, Berlin and London. He got married a second time with the writer Natividad Zaro. With his first wife, he had two daughters. In 1940 he was nominated as a member of the Spanish Language Academy making a speech titled El Romanticismo de los clásicos.

 Work & Activities

He devoted himself to poetry, journalism and essay. In Castilian language he published El viajero y su sombra (1940), Federico II de Sicilia y Alfonso X de Castilla (1943), Melodía italiana (1944), Elegías europeas (1949), La estrella y su estela (1953). In Galician language, he wrote three books, titled O vello mariñeiro toma o sol (1922), Versos a tres cas o neto (1930), Tres contos (1930) and an essay about dance titled Estética da muiñeira, which was published in 1922 in the magazine Nós.