Eugenio Cabaleiro Álvarez

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1934
Birth Place: Redondela (Pontevedra)
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He was always keen on art, mainly painting, but he began to work soon to help his family. When he retired, he began to devote himself to painting, elaborating a very characteristic technique by means of relief oil painting, defined by critics as sculpture-painting.

 Work & Activities

2001. U.V.A. Montmartre Saloon, Paris (France).
2002. San Xoan de Barra Castle, Viana do Castelo (Portugal), ‘Casa dos Crivos’, Braga (Portugal), Art Gallery in Arcos de Valdevez (Portugal), ‘Galería dos Coímbras’, Braga (Portugal), Barceló Saloon (Barcelona) and Gembloux Saloon (Belgium).
2003. Foyer Communale Arthur Lacroix, Gembloux (Belgium), U.V.A. Montmartre Saloon, Paris (France) and Maison Communale de Hesperange, Grand-Duche (Luxembourg).
2004. ‘Camino de Santiago’, itinerant exhibition (Xunta de Galicia - Xacobeo).
2005. Darby-Loise Gallery (Barcelona).

 Other Interesting Aspects

2001. Prize at ‘La Grande Montmartre’ International Contest (Paris).
2002. National gold medal at the 32nd Gembloux International Contest (Belgium).
2003. International silver medal at the 33rd Gembloux International Contest (Belgium).
2003. Silver and gold medal at ‘La Grande Montmartre’ International Contest (Paris).
2005. International gold medal at the 35th Gembloux International Contest (Belgium).
He was selected at the Biennial Exhibition in Lalín – Pontevedra (1995), at the Le printemps a Paris International Contest (2002), at the ‘Grand-Duche’ International Contest of Luxembourg (2003) and at the Europäischer Kunstkreis International Contest of Austria (2004).

Part of his work can be found at Torres de Marín Museum (Pontevedra), St Catalina Renfe Museum (Madrid) and ‘Semana Verde’ Association in Silleda (Pontevedra).
He is a member of the European Academy of Art nº 409 (Paris Committee) and member of the Artistic and Cultural Association of Pontevedra (ASACPO).
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