Enrique Hervada García-Sampedro

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: In 1883 (†1953)
Birth Place: Sampedro - A Coruña

He studied Medicine in Santiago although he took his degree and doctor's degree in Madrid. Then he completed his education in Paris and opened a consulting room in his native city in 1910, where he became a very famous doctor. He participated in a society, where all members paid very little money for medical care. He worked for this society for a long time so that poor people could receive medical care. He also tended free at the tuberculous dispensary ('Sol' Street) and Oza Sanatorium.

 Work & Activities

He published over a hundred medical works.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of several scientific societies and president of the Circle of Artisans. He was the first doctor in the city who used X-ray.