Enrique Gómez Giráldez

Category: Ecologist, journalist, writer and art critic
Birth Date: In 1952
Birth Place: Cañiza (Pontevedra)

He began to work as a journalist in Radio Popular - Vigo with Jaime Cross, Manolo Yelamo, Gerardo Rodríguez, Gerardo González, Keka Merino and Fernando Ramos. Using different pseudonyms, he collaborated in Faro del Lunes, Faro de Vigo, El Pueblo Gallego and several magazines specialized in art. Later, he worked for El Pope, Informe Galego and Radio Voz. In Radio Voz, he participated in a programme about sport with Cholo Durán and Antonio Saborido and shortly after, he participated in “Debate de Vigo en Voz Alta”, chaired by the journalist Esther López. Nowadays, he is the editor-in-chief of El Foro Metropolitano and head of external relations of CEGMA (Scientific Ecology Group).
He is an expert on marketing, writer, art critic and painter. He started to study drawing in 1969 with Anxo Sevillano (painter and Professor). He attended different courses and masters in Sttutgart (Germany) and Paris (France). He participated in several collective exhibitions in Madrid and Barcelona. In 1982, he exhibited his painting in the International Art Biennial Exhibition in Pontevedra. Two years later, he exhibited his work in Vigo (Caja de Ahorros Municipal) and at the Fourth Poetry Festival in Ponteareas from 14th to 20th May 1984).
During that time, he participated in the literary gatherings at “Elixio” and “Viuda” together with Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Colmeiro, Lodeiro, Laxeiro, Urbano Lugrís, Manolo Forcadela, Bernardino, Neira Vilas, Eirabella, Caamaño, Mario Granell, Anxo Sevillano, Xosé Guillermo, Antonio Palacios, Diego de Giráldez, Santiago Montes, Mercedes Ruibal, Ángel Huete, Mantecón, Fanchuco, Cachi and Eduardo González. This group, directed by Enrique Gómez Giráldez and supported by the journalists Francisco Gil and Fernando Franco, avoided the old Law Courts of Vigo from being pulled down to be turned into a square and build the present Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo (MARCO).

 Work & Activities

As a writer, he is the author of several books about painters: “El Vuelo de la Mente”, “Diego de Giráldez de Pontevedra al Mundo”, “A Realidade e o seu Espello” (Editorial Nigra S.L., Galician and Castilian)”. Carlos Casares, Costa Clavell, Soletura, Ramón Faraldo, Antón Fraguas, García Sabell, Filgueira Valverde, Santiago Amón, Sergio Mourâo, Margarita Rúas, Sanchidrián, Pérez Calero, Gavira, González Ortiz, Antón Castro, Vinardell, Osuna Ruiz, Almodóvar Azorín, Verdera Franco, Amiguetti Sánchez, Jesús Guerra, Francisco de Pablos, Perozo, Ilarri Junquera, Armesto Fajinas, Lalo Vázquez Gil, J. A. Sánchez García, Fraga Iribarne, Rajoy and Pando collaborated in that last book. He also collaborated in several children’s storybooks.
Regarding politics, he worked underground with Leopoldo García Ortega, Paco Osorno, Vaquero and Manolo Espárrago to found the Spanish Socialist Party in Vigo. He collaborated with different executive committees of the Galician Socialist Party and at the moment he is delegate of the socialist party in the region of Vigo.
He was responsible for security in the demonstration pro the Galician Statute of Autonomy.
He made reports and works about ecology and environment.
He was also responsible for propaganda in several electoral campaigns.
In 1987, the executive council of the Galician Socialist Party asked him to found the socialist group in A Cañiza.

From the social point of view, he participated in several associations: secretary of “Camiño Vello de Coia” Residents Association, president of GEMA Ecology Group, secretary of Gran Vigo Association, etc.

He worked underground to found the Worker’s Union. He created the UGT section in El Corte Inglés (Vigo) in December 1975.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded Galicia Ecology Prize in 1989.