José Antonio Díaz Escolante

Pseudonym: Escolante
Category: Teacher, writer and researcher
Birth Date: 14th November 1960
Birth Place: Lugo

He is an expert on Galician language (Lugo, 1980) and Musical Education (Santiago, 1991). He got a diploma on children's education (Lugo, 1996) and a degree in Teaching (specialised in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Lugo, 1980). He also took a degree in Educational Psychology (Vigo University, 1998) and his doctor's degree at Santiago University in the year 2000.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important publications: A linguaxe do cómic; Xogando coa música 1; Xogando coa Música 1 (recording tape); Xogando coa música 2; Xogando coa Música 2 (recording tape); Caderno do alumno: Xogando coa Música 3 anos; Caderno do alumno: Xogando coa Música 4 anos; Caderno do alumno: Xogando coa Música 5 anos; Instrumentos Musicais, Incidencias dalgúns "elementos" plásticos na literatura infantil. Lingua, Literatura e Arte and Algunhas causas que impiden o desenvolvemento da innovación educativa na universidade. He carried out the first collective exhibition of the Association of Artists from Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He coordinated many courses on teacher's formation and carried out several research projects as well as projects on educative innovation and plastic investigation, subsidized by the 'Consellería de Cultura'. He was one of the founders, secretary and then president of the Association of Artists from Lugo. He carried out several painting exhibitions, both individual and collective, and was a member of the panel at several contests and biennial of plastic arts.