Enrique Alvarellos Iglesias

Category: Musician, editor, teacher and writer
Birth Date: In 1931 (†2nd June 2004)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He has been a musical advisor and collaborator of the Enciclopedia Galega Universal. In 1963, he founded 'Alvarellos' Academy in Lugo with a branch in A Coruña and 'Alvarellos' Publishing House in 1977.

 Work & Activities

He has lived in Lugo since 1947, working as a musician, editor, teacher and writer, which he has reflected in his book Calendas Memorias. He also wrote La Mecanografía en dos meses (this book was recognised as an official text by the Ministry of Education in 1968); Botei Corenta Anos (1977), a novel set in his childhood; the poetry book Cen Anacos (1978); the essay Bandas de Música de Galicia (with this book he was finalist of 'Galicia' Research Prize in 1987) and Mulleres Destacadas de Galicia (1993). As a musician, expert on Choral Conductorship and Orchestra, he composed the following works for polyphony and orchestra: A Lanzada (1994), Bimilenaria (2000), A Nosa Misa (1991), Misa de Santa Cecilia (1993) and Fisterra (1988).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Academy of Art and Sciences in Rome. He holds the Cross of St George Order in Carintia (Italy) and has a collection of over three hundred classic typewriters.