Alfonso Otero Regal

Category: Painter and sculptor
Birth Date: In 1952
Birth Place: Nois - Foz (Lugo)
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He studied Painting with Puchades in Mondoñedo, at 'Massana' School (Barcelona) and the Seminary of Ceramic Studies in Sargadelos. He also attended a course with Cumellas in Barcelona. He worked at his own ceramics workshop, at 'Regal-Cerámicas' in Viveiro (Lugo) and in a studio of artistic ceramics and architectonic works. He worked as a teacher in occupational centres and promoted a centre for young people giving courses on ceramic serigraphy and impasto in several Spanish cities. He made ceramic murals for public and private institutions. His works can be found in museums, foundations and private collections in Spain, Europe, USA and Japan.

 Work & Activities

He has carried out the following individual exhibitions: 'Antología Embrionaria' (Zaragoza, 1973), 'Mutaciones' (Lugo, 1976), 'Mutaciones 2' (Munich, Oviedo, 1977), 'Grandes Platos' (Viveiro, 1983), 'O Feitizo' (Foz - Lugo, 1985), 'Iberia' (Ibiza, 1987), 'Anacos de cartas de amor' (A Coruña, 1989), 'Amboa' (Santiago, 1990, 1992 and 1993), 'Hombre, Tierra y Fuego' (A Coruña, 1991), 'Casa de Galicia' (Madrid, 1994), 'Porta da Vila' (Viveiro - Lugo, 1995), 'La Tierra que habla' (Barcelona, 1997) and 'A escultura tamén é cultura' (Viveiro - Lugo, 1998).