Eloi Caldeiro Díaz

Category: Musician and poet
Birth Place: Sarria (Lugo)
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He studied Secondary Education and Music in his native village. When he was only fourteen he began to play music with his first group. Then he studied Teaching in Lugo and went on studying Philosophy. When he was still very young, he began to write his first poems that were published in 1972. Eloi Caldeiro was the first musician that combined Galician music with other rhythms and styles. In 1976, he had already founded the first Galician rock group, where they sang in Galician and combined pipe, drums and electric guitars. Together with other musicians, he founded 'Brath' in 1980 without texts in their songs. At the beginning, he was the drummer and percussionist of the group but from 1999 onwards he also sings. In 1985 and 1986, he directed and presented a programme in the radio station 'Ondas Galicia R. Minuto'. In 1985, he was awarded the First 'Galicia' Journalism Prize to the best musical programme. He was also awarded several literature prizes and collaborates in several means. In 1988, he founded the record company SONS GALIZA.

 Work & Activities

He published the following poetry books: Anacos de silencio, O sul da auga, A lentura da auga, Muller de auga and Servicios informativos. He also wrote O río de decembro (unpublished) and Sarria inmorrente (next appearance). He also edited the following records: Kalaikia, Viaxe alén Fisterra, Homenaxe a Celso Emilio Ferreiro (several artists), Lembranza da auga, Néboa infinda, Cinco, Rodeira and XX Séculos de Noivado (sound track of a serial of thirteen chapters for TV).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays he combines his musical and literary activity with the management of the record company SONS GALIZA, which is dedicated to the discographic edition. This company was one of the first ones that promoted Galician and Celtic music and edited records of the most important Galician artists now.