Eduardo Alberto Rodríguez Cunha

Pseudonym: Tatán
Category: Actor
Birth Date: 15th May 1954
Birth Place: Redondela (Pontevedra)
 Work & Activities

ACTIVITIES: He manipulated puppets at the Marionette Company of Barcelona.
He founded ‘CIRIGAITA’ Theatre Group (Redondela).
Performance: ‘O demo Rapatú’.
He founded ‘A MONDA LIRONDA’ Theatre Group (Vigo, 1982) and ‘TANXARINA’ Theatre Group (Redondela, 1983).
1983: ’MIGALLAS E CIRIGAITAS’ (Puppets).
1984: ’ROSALIN NO PAIS DO SOL’ (Puppets).
1986: ’PUM, KATAPLOF, CHAS!!’(Puppets).
1987: ’TUTTI FRUTTI’ (Puppets, marionettes and actors).
1988: ’TITIRICIRCUS’ (Marionettes and actors).
1989: ’COCA, A VOLTA DA BESTA’ (street, fire and entertainment theatre).
1990: ’O BEBE’ (shadow theatre).
2002: ‘RAPATÚ’.

He founded ‘PRODUCCIÓNS TEATRAIS DO SUR S.L.’: Performances:
1994: ‘MACBETT’ (E. Ionesco). He played King Duncan.
1995: ‘AH,AH,AH,ESTAMOS MONSTROS DE RISA’ (puppets and actors).
1996: ‘SEMPRE UBU’ (A. Jarry). He played Ubú’s mother.

With ‘TEATRO DO MORCEGO’ (Moaña - Pontevedra): Performances:
2000: ‘A BRANCA ROSA.’ (Barbany and Sans) (He played Afonso de Portugal).
2001: ‘OS VELLOS NON DEBEN DE NAMORARSE’ (R. Castelao). He played Saturio.

With the Galician Dramatic Centre: Performances:
2001: ‘A CACATÚA VERDE’. He played the Marquis of Lansac.

1998: ‘A LINGUA DAS BOLBORETAS’ by José Luis Cuerda (He played Roque’s father).
2000: ‘HISTORIA DE LENA’, by Gonzalo Tapias (He played the lorry driver).
2001.’O LÁPIZ DO CARPINTEIRO’, by Antón Reixa (He played prisoner Antonio).
2002 ‘EL REGALO DE SILVIA’, by Dionisio Pérez (He played Félix).
2004 ‘CAMA ADENTRO’, by Jorge Gragero. Argentina (He played Luisito).

COURSES: He attended courses on puppeteer with H.V.Tozer. Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (1980-81 and 1981-82), ‘Clown and comic actor’ with Roy Bozier. Institut del Teatre (Barcelona, 1991),’Manipulación y dirección del espectáculo de Títeres’ with Jiri Jaros (Redondela, 1992), ‘Construcción de máscaras de la Comedia del Arte’ with Donato Sartori (Institut del Teatre de Barcelona), ’Puesta en escena de teatro de títeres’ with René Fernández (Matanzas - Cuba, 1996), ‘Diseño para teatro de títeres’ with Zenén Calero (Matanzas - Cuba, 1996), a course on voice (Cangas, 1999) and a course on gags with Jordi Portí, (Cangas do Morrazo, 2000).

OTHER ACTIVITIES: He collaborated as a puppeteer in the play ‘O CUMPREANOS DA INFANTA’ (MATARILE, Santiago).
He was secretary of U.N.I.M.A. - GALICIA (1992).
He was a joint author of the book ‘Como facermos títeres, carautas e cabezudos’ (Ir Indo, 1993).
He organised the first, second, third, fourth and fifth edition of the Puppet International Festival in Redondela (2000/04).
He was the president of U.N.I.M.A GALICIA (2001).
He organised the campaign ‘TITERESCOLA’ in collaboration with the County Council (2001/02/03).
He was on the panel of ‘BARRRIGA VERDE’ First Prize (texts for puppet theatre, 2003) and General Novel Prizes (2004).
DIRECTION: He directed the following plays ‘O VENDEDOR DE PAXAROS’ (1999; actor: Miro Magariños), ‘OS TRES XIGANTES SUPERLIANTES’ (2002; actors: Miro Magariños and Mundo Villalustre) and ‘Fiesta de la Reconquista ‘(Vigo, 2000/2004).
TELEVISION: He worked as a puppeteer of ‘Moki’ on Galician TV and was an invited actor in the TV serials ‘PRATOS COMBINADOS’ and ‘MAREAS VIVAS’ (TVG). He created the character ‘FROILAN O CELTA’ for the programme ‘XABARIN CLUB’ (TVG) and participated in the programme ‘GALICIA PARA O MUNDO. VILABOA’ T.V.E. (2000). He also made puppets for the programme ‘TOC-TOC’ and participated in the TV serials ‘FIOS’ (2002) and ‘AS LEIS DE CELAVELLA’ (2004).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has also participated as a teacher in many courses on puppeteer, puppet, mask and marionette staging and shadow theatre.