María Francisca Rodríguez Cabanas

Birth Date: 9th may 1930
Birth Place: Ourovello, Paderne (A Coruña)


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She was brought up in the bosom of a peasant family made up of the parents, eight children and a godmother.

Since she was seven, she went to a school in Areas (Adragonte).

She first saw a Galician flag when she was fifty. A few years later she read the first book written in Galician, which encouraged her to write about her experiences: "O carro do tío Jesús", "A fonte do Ourovello", " O padriño da Xunqueira", "Collendo no Lúpulo"... These titles were published in several newspapers like La Voz de Galicia (her story "A festa do patrón" was awarded a prize in "Relatos de verán" 2005 (1st week). She also made a short film about the Civil War.

She supported the 15M movement in Ferrol and they visited her vegetable garden to learn the secrets of plants.

She likes to write about injustice like the Encrobas conflict, the Prestige, the waste of the Pope when he visited Galicia, the abuse of politicians and powerful people, the lies in the elections and the memories. A lot of them were collected in "Lembranzas dunha vida".