Marisa García-Mera Vilar

Category: Painter
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She graduated in Labour Relations.
She started to study painting with Lolita Díaz Baliño in 1952, when she was twelve.
In this stage, she participated in a contest of RNE in A Coruña and was awarded a prize.
She also studies the pastel technique with Ángeles Lloveres in A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

-1997: Collective exhibition, Sporting Club Casino. One of her works was selected for the funds of this institution.
-2000: Collective exhibition, Goya Gallery (A Coruña).
-2001: Individual exhibition, Cascarilla Cafè (A Coruña).
-2001-2005: She participated in the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 17th editions of ‘Muestras de Pequeño Formato’, Association of Artists of A Coruña.
-2006: Collective exhibition, Association of Artists for A Coruña.
-2007: ‘Pequeño Formato’ (collective exhibition), Association of Artists of A Coruña.
-2008: She participated in the exhibition of the first painting contest of the Riding Society of A Coruña and a picture selected.
-2008: Exhibition of the 18th Edition of Bello Piñeiro Painting Contest (Mugardos).
-2008: Selected work in “Homenaje a La Coruña en sus 800 años de historia”, an exhibition organised by the Association of Artists of A Coruña.
-2008: Selected work at José Domínguez Guizán Contest in Begonte (Lugo).
-2009: Selected work at the Second Painting Contest of the Riding Society of A Coruña.