Daniel Quintas Calvo

Category: Conductor and composer
Birth Date: 1st May 1918
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He studied Piano and was an autodidact in Harmony and Composition. He worked as critic in the papers 'Galicia Social' and 'El Pueblo Gallego'. He was president of the Philharmonic Society in Vigo and conductor of its orchestra, which was founded in 1957. He also conducted the Orchestra of Vigo in 1980, which made him get the Criticism Prize in 1983.

 Work & Activities

His work as a composer started in 1947, although it remained unpublished up to 1978. These are some of his most important works: Sinfonietta en La mayor Op. 17; Sinfonía de Cámara en Do menor Op. 28; Música y Navidad Op. 21; Poemas lorquiáns Op. 29; Berce Op. 19; Pieza Op. 9; Pieza Op. 11; Apunte dodecafónico Op. 15; Vals dodecafónico Op 15a; Pieza Op. 16; Sonatine Op. 18; Andante con variaciones Op. 1; Minuetto en Sol Op. 2; Tres Canciones gallegas Op. 12; Clave en Santiago Op. 30; etc.