Cuqui Piñeiro

Category: Sculptor


She took a degree in Geography and History (Modern and Contemporary Art) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (July 1983), presented her minor thesis ‘La obra plástica de Xoán Piñeiro’ (1986) and attended the third-cycle doctorate courses.

She carried out the selection and setting up of the work by Xoán Piñeiro at the anthological exhibition, Caja de Ahorros de Vigo (1981) and the gallery of the Caja de Ahorros de Galicia in Santiago and A Coruña (1982). She coordinated the first Exhibition of Galician Artists, organized by Alecrín in Vigo (June 1987) and carried out the technical setting up and the texts of the catalogue ‘Xoán Piñeiro de 1920 a 1980’, Kiosko Alfonso, A Coruña (July 1988). She taught Art History at the ‘Casa de Oficios Artesanía Textil’ in Vigo from 12th June to 30th September 1989 and organized these exhibitions: ‘II Bienal de Artistas Galegas’, Casa de las Artes, Vigo (from 29th March to 30th April 1990) and ‘Xoán Piñeiro 1920-1980’, Castelo de Soutomayor. He published a book about the artist, Pontevedra County Council (August 1990).

In 1991 she founded and was the managing director of ARTE BRONCE FUNDICION, S.L. In April 1995 she got the ‘Carta Artesán’ and ‘Taller Artesán’ of the Xunta de Galicia.

He also attended a course on ceramics and sculpture at ‘Arte Bronce Fundición’, Goián-Tomiño - Pontevedra (September 1995 – February 1996) and a course on Didactic Methodology for Occupational Training, ‘Consellería de Familia e Benestar Social’ - Xunta de Galicia (May 1996).

 Work & Activities


-1996: First exhibition of small bronze statues, Taller Arte Bronce Fundición in Goián – Pontevedra (July).

-1997: Art Biennial Exhibition, Vilanova de Cerveira. Studio: Arte Bronce Fundición, Portugal (August) and bronze exhibitions at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, Vigo (December).

-1998: Director of Xoán Piñeiro Foundation, Goián (September) and bronze exhibitions at Lagar do Alvarinho, Melgaço - Portugal (1-20 September).

-1999: Bronze statues, Youth Centre, Tui (May).

-2000: Bronze statues, Área Panorámica, Tui (April) and Youth Centre, Tui (May), exhibition at Taller Arte Bronce Fundición in Goián – Pontevedra (June) and direction of the first employment and research organized by ‘Xoán Piñeiro’ Foundation in Arte Bronce Fundición, Goián – Pontevedra (February).

-2001/2002: Exhibition at Batik Gallery, Barcelona (from 27th December to 15th January).