Constantino Méndez Martínez

Birth Date: 25th October 1950
Birth Place: Pontecesures (Pontevedra)
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After studying Secondary Education in Pontevedra, he took a degree in Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1972. After a public competition, he entered the Corps of the National Health Service of the Social Security in 1974, he is on leave of absence since 1996. From 1975 to 1983, he worked in Vigo, Vilagarcía and A Coruña. He was director general of the ‘Instituto Social de la Marina’ (1983-87) and the National Health Service (1987-93). Besides, he was deputy in Pontevedra (1993-96) and Secretary of State for the Public Administrations (1994-95). He is on the Bar Association of Madrid and is a consultant of ONCE Foundation and advisor of CERMI, director general of FSC.S.A. Consultancy of ONCE Foundation, consultant of the Development Interamerican Bank and government delegate in Madrid.

 Work & Activities

He is the author of many articles and reports related to the Social Security as well as many publications on Disability and Corporate Social Responsibility. He directed the white book about the Prestige, gave advice to Rumania and Poland about the modernisation of public services and carried out programmes of institutional reform in Latin America.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a member of the ‘IEEM’ and Professor of the master on Marítime Law, collaborator of ESADE in the master on Public Managament and president of the CTN. 170 of Aenor about Accessibility.