Cesáreo Sánchez Iglesias

Category: Technical architect and poet
Birth Date: In 1951
Birth Place: Dadín – Irixo (Ourense)

He studied Technical Architecture and Sociology at the University of Madrid, where he founded a cultural association (‘Lostrego’) with other students and professionals. He was also the president of this association and one of the founders of ‘Avantar’ Cultural Association (O Carballiño – Ourense) and ‘Alexandre Bóveda’ Cultural Group (A Coruña). He gave advice to the neighbour associations for the recovery of the Galician historical memory. He was the president of the weekly newspaper ‘A Nosa Terra’ and director of A Nosa Terra Publications. Nowadays, he is the president of A Nosa Terra Foundation and member of the board of directors of the Association of Writers in Galician Language. In 1989, he was awarded the 20th edition of ‘Esquío’ Poetry Prize in Ferrol with the book O Rumor do Distante and was finalist of ‘Leliadoura’ Poetry Prize with the book A Árvore das sete palabras, which was selected for the National Literature Prize. He works in the Architecture technical office of the ‘Consellería da Presidencia’ (Xunta de Galicia).

 Work & Activities

Silencios e conversas de inverno, Celta, Lugo (1978), Antonte das salamántigas, Do Castro Publications, Sada – A Coruña (1980), O cántico da fonte, Do Castro Publications, Sada – A Coruña (1982), Ortigas da memoria, Do Castro Publications, Sada – A Coruña (1985), Mar do fin da terra, Vía Láctea, A Coruña (1987), A árvore das sete palavras, Sotelo Blanco, Santiago (1989), Do olvido o río, ‘Esquío’ poetry collection, Ferrol (1993), O rostro da terra, Bahía Publications, A Coruña (1996), A escrita do silencio. Antoloxía persoal, ‘Esquío’ poetry collection, Ferrol (1997), Evadne, ‘Espiral Maior’ Poetry, A Coruña (1999), O rumor do distante, ‘Esquío’ poetry collection, Ferrol (2001) and Variacións Nube, A Nosa Terra, Vigo (2004).