Celso Dourado

Birth Date: In 1960
Birth Place: Barreiros (Lugo)


He had his hands amputated after an accident when he was eight, which marked both his existence and his own work. He studied Art in Madrid, Lugo and A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

He began to exhibit his works during the 80’s and collaborates as an illustrator in some publications.
In the late 80’s he started a project that lasted for several years for the creation of a personal space mainly built with waste materials and situated in the vicinity of the ‘Playa de las Catedrales’.
The space houses home, studio and a standing exhibition.
His work is mainly figurative with surrealist aspects in which the hands are the main theme. Line is worshipped to the detriment of colour. He also uses unusual techniques such as pyroengraving and pen drawing.
“Arredor do debuxo” was his last exhibition, in Provincial Museum (Lugo).