Cecilio Lago González

Category: Poet
 Work & Activities

He has been working in the bank firm 'Caixanova' for the last 24 years. He has composed songs since he was 16 but he has devoted himself to poetry since 1989. He usually collaborates in several magazines and newspapers, both in poetry and prose, with varied topics such as culture, sports, citizenship, etc. He took part at several literary contests in the panel of judges. He usually presents artistic festivals and takes part in radio programs as commentator. He also organises poetry reading, composes songs and sings (he has got several prizes as far as music is concerned). He conducted several choirs. In 1996, he composed (music and letter) the hymn of the Handball team 'Bueu Athletic' titled Ás de campeón and performed it for the first time with all the people from Bueu (Pontevedra) in the Stadium. He has also written the manifestos of the association 'Vigo for peace' and several theatre plays that have already been performed.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Bibliography: ULTREIA (sonnets with other poets and painters) published by the County Council of Lugo, 1993 and Castillos de sueños (poetry book of 131 sonnets) published by Cardeñoso, Vigo, 1994.