Cayetano González García

Pseudonym: Queitano de Rebegón
Category: Carpenter
Birth Date: 5th June 1925 (†13th June 2011)
Birth Place: S. Caetano de Mondoñedo (Lugo)

He studied at Alcántara School and graduated in Arts and Crafts. He learnt from his father the art of restoring water mills, combining this activity with carpentry works. Afterwards, he worked at Aglomerados ECAR, and finally he became a self-employed carpenter and restorer of mills. He retired sick when he was 60 and devoted himself to poetry and keeping his trade alive, collaborating and directing the restoration of ancient mills.

 Work & Activities

On 19th October 2011, a selection of unpublished poems and other already published in the magazine of “Amigos da Cidade de Mondoñedo” Association came out. This book, titled “Os de Sempre”, shows Cayetano’s vision of the world, people and those who surrounded him.