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Category: Founder and director of Katarsis, Educación y Teatro, S.L.
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She took a degree in Drama at Saint Mary College, Leavenworth – USA (1998) and is about to finish her doctorate thesis in Theatre Pedagogy at A Coruña University. He studied the first year at the Drama School with Cristina Rota and attended the following courses and workshops: ‘Improvisación y expresión corporal’ with Arsenio Jiménez (Santiago), ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ with Fabio Mangolini (Santiago), workshop on Scene Direction (Spanish Association of Scene Directors), “Interpretando a Shakespeare” (Oxford School of Drama, Oxford, Great Britain) and “Combate en escena” (Saint Mary College, Leavenworth - USA).
Ontario Arts Council granted her a scholarship for Carousel Players (Project: ‘Two Voices: One Story’, 2003-04) and St Catherines Council (Ontario) granted her another one for ‘Safe at Home’, as a follow-up to ‘Two Voices: One Story’ (2004-05).
He was a Professor at Brock University (Language, Literature and Modern Cultures, 2003-06), at the theatre in Spanish for the Latin refugees’ children, organized by the Latin Immigrant Niagara Community Association (2002-2004), at the Spanish course for adults, Grimsby Secondary School System (Ontario, 2002-03), at the theatre course for children at three schools of A Coruña and at Rafael Dieste Secondary School, at the theatre course in English at San Francisco Javier School (A Coruña, 1998/99), at the course on theatre for older people, Forum Metropolitano, A Coruña (1998/99) and ‘Cómo falar en público’, Forum Metropolitano (A Coruña, 1998-99).
She worked as a coordinator of national and international tours and marketing assistant with Theatre Beyond Words, Canada’s International Visual Theatre Company, St Catharines, Canada (1999-2005) and delegate of Drama at the Forum Metropolitano (A Coruña).

 Work & Activities

She collaborated in “Defiant Deviance. The Irreality of Reality in the Cultural Imaginary”, edited by Cristina Santos and Adriana Spahr and published by Peter Lang Publishing (New York, 2006) and published several articles in the magazine ‘Canal Magazina’ (Canada).
He wrote the script and directed the following plays: ‘Imaginarius’ (2005/06), ‘A Diáspora’ (2005), ‘Dúas voces e unha historia’ (2004), ‘Moby Dick’ (2003), ‘O Circo das máscaras’ (2001), ‘Gulliver’ (2000), ‘Os Quinquilláns, Noite de Reis’ (2000), ‘O sono dunha noite de verán’ (1999), ‘Ligazón by Valle Inclán’ (1998), ‘Un criado de dous amos’ (1997) and ‘O amor de Don Pirlimplín con Belisa no xardín de Lorca’ (1997).

He performed the following plays:
2004. “Silla Old Men Ought Not to Fall in Love” (first performance in English of the famous play written by Castelao) and 'Micaela, Nai de Pimpinela e coro’.
2002-2003. “My Father’s Circus”.
2002. “Nuthin’ But Trouble” Nancy Potato, Theatre Beyond Words.
2001. “School Daze” Nancy Potato, Theatre Beyond Words.
2001-2003. Suite Potato, performed with the Symphonic Orchestra of Montreal and the Symphonic Orchestra of Victoria, Vancouver.
2000. “Seven Potato More”, Nancy Potato, Theatre Beyond Words
1999. “Tardes de Teatro” (A Coruña), “El Embrujado de Valle Inclán”, Centro Dramático Galego and “Las Galas del Difunto de Valle Inclán”, Centro Dramático Galego.
1998. “O sono dunha noite de verán”, Saint Mary College, Kansas (USA).
1994. “A Street Car Named Desire”, Saint Mary College, Kansas (USA).
1998. “Goldie Locks and the 3 bears”, The Theatrical Company, Kansas (USA) and “A Boda de Bette e Boo”, Saint Mary College, Kansas (USA).
1997. “O criado de dous amos”, Kansas City Renaissance Festival (USA).
1995. “Mulleres pouco comúns de Wendy Witgenstein”, Saint Mary College, Kansas (USA).

 Other Interesting Aspects

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