Carmen Muñoz Manzano

Category: Teacher
Birth Date: In 1906 (†13th April 2002)
Birth Place: Malpartida de Plasencia (Cáceres)

She was brought up in the bosom of a well-off family. She studied in Salamanca and graduated in Teaching in Madrid. In 1933, she went in for a public competition to enter the Corps of Primary Education Inspectors and got a post in the province of Lugo. Then she moved to Cáceres. She met Rafael Dieste in Valencia de Alcántara and they got married in Santander in 1934. When the Civil War broke out, she was in Madrid with her husband defending the Second Republic in pedagogical works and cultural publications. In 1938, her husband joined the East Army and one year later, they left Spain. They were interned in Saint Cyprien concentration camp and after living for over twenty years into exile in Argentina, Mexico and England, they definitively came back to Galicia in 1961. In 1976, she retired. After her husband's death in 1981, she devoted herself to collect and perpetuate his valuable literary and artistic legacy. In 1995, she was distinguished as 'honorary citizen' in Rianxo, where she was also paid a very important homage.