Carlos Vello

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In August 1945
Birth Place: Ourense
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Since 1963, he has combined his studies with several jobs (office boy, oil-bearing facilities draughtsman and public works topographer). In 1970, he decided to devote himself to painting, celebrating individual and collective exhibitions. He carried out exhibitions with other artists: Lamazares, Prego de Oliver, Jaime Quesada, Xosé Díaz, Vidal Souto, Alexandro, Virgilio, X. L. de Dios, Bucitos, Corral Díaz and Tomás Bóveda. He travelled abroad and met Francis Bacon. He also participated in the ‘Mostra homaxe a Castelao’, a very important exhibition celebrated in several Galician cities and, together with a group of artists, he created the ‘Salón de artistas independentes de Galicia’.

 Work & Activities

1970: he exhibited his pastel paintings in ‘O Volter’ and celebrated a collective exhibition at San Rosendo Cloister in Celanova (Ourense), together with Virxilio, Alexandro and Vidal Souto.
1971: collective exhibition with Galician artists at ‘Círculo Victoria’, Monforte de Lemos (Lugo).
1973: ‘Carroleiro’, with Alexandro (pastel and oil paintings) (Ourense).
1974: collective exhibition with Galician artists, Athenaeum (Ourense).
1975: exhibition with Ramón Conde (pastel and oil paintings), Lyceum (Ourense) and collective exhibitions with Galician artists in different places.
1978: individual exhibition in the galleries of Banco de Vizcaya, Lalín (pastel and oil paintings).
1979: individual exhibitions in the galleries of Banco de Bilbao, Ponferrada - León (pastel and oil paintings), in the galleries of Banco de Crédito e Inversións, Lugo (oil paintings); in the galleries of Caixavigo, Vigo – Pontevedra (oil paintings with excellent critics in El Faro de Vigo and La Voz de Galicia) and in the galleries of the ‘Delegación de Cultura’, Ourense (oil paintings with excellent critics in La Región).
1983: individual exhibition in the galleries of Café Isaac (oil paintings). Catalogue prologued by Manuel Catoira. (Itinerant exhibitions of the Consellería de Cultura).
1984: collective exhibition with artists from Ourense in Estudio 34 (Ourense).
1985: an individual retrospective at the Teaching School (Ourense).
1991: collective exhibition with Vidal Souto at Lucerna Gallery (Ourense).
1992: ‘Pintores Galegos’, Municipal Museum.
1994: exhibition with Quesada, Vidal Souto, Virgilio and Figueiras at Visol Gallery.
1995: collective exhibition at Visol Gallery.
1996: ‘Colectiva de artistas ourensáns’, Municipal Museum. He was invited by the South University thanks to ‘O vestixio do tempo’, a research team in collaboration with the executive committee of ‘Feiras e Exposicións’ and the City Council of Ourense.
From 1998 up to date, he has carried out exhibitions for helping the ill from AIDS.
2006: Municipal Museum (Ourense).