Carlos Pereira Martínez

Birth Date: 24th march 1959
Birth Place: Montevideo (Uruguai)

He took a degree in Geography and History at the UNED and attended doctorate courses on Medieval History at the Department of Medieval and Modern History and History Techniques of the UNED. He is an expert on the Order of the Temple in Galicia and León. He is a professional historian of Culleredo.

He is a member of the Spanish Society of Medieval Studies, the Association of Writers in Galician Language, ‘Estudios Históricos de Galicia’ Cultural Association and the Galician Association of Genealogy and Heraldry, among others.

He was on the editorial staff of Dez-Eme, of ‘10 de Marzo’ Foundation and the scientific committee of Anuario Brigantino.

He organized the 5th and 6th edition of Manuel Murguía Essay Prize of A Coruña County Council (2004, 2006) and director of "Seminarios de Historia de Culleredo".

He has given lectures and participated in conferences, presentations of books and other cultural events in schools, cultural associations, city councils and universities. He has also collaborated with several radio stations.

 Work & Activities

He published the following books: Fábrica de Armas de A Coruña. Seis décadas de historia, (1998), Anxo Senra Fernández. Vida e obra (1999), Os Templarios. Artigos e ensaios, (2000), Asociacionismo e movemento obreiro en Oleiros (1900-1936), (2002), Germinal. Centro de Estudios Sociais (Cultura obreira na Coruña, 1902-1936) (2003, with Ana Romero Masiá), O orballo da igualdade. Asociacionismo femenino progresista na Coruña (2005, with Ana Romero Masiá), A Galicia heterodoxa (2010), Xaime Quintanilla Martínez. Vida e obra dun socialista e galeguista ao servizo da República (2011, with Ana Romero Masiá), Xaime Quintanilla Martínez, xornalista en Ferrol (2012, with Ana Romero Masiá) and the poetry book Río Alzheimer (2013). He also wrote about 150 articles about history, poems and other texts in newspapers, specialized magazines, proceedings and collective books.

He formed part of "Os Habitantes do Lago" Poetic Group, attended courses at the Music Conservatoire of A Coruña for several years and was also one of the founders and director of "Maiolongo" Theatre Group (Culleredo).

In 2011, he was awarded the prize of the 37th edition of “Concello de Vilalba” Poetry Contest with the poetry book ‘Río Alzheimer’. Together with the historian Ana Romero Masiá, he was awarded Luís Tilve Research Prize for his work ‘Xaime Quintanilla Martínez. Vida e obra dun socialista e galeguista ao servizo da República’.

In 1986, he carried out his first individual exhibition. He illustrated issues of magazines like Ó Loro, Os Habitantes do Lago and Galería and also designed several posters, magazines and leaflets. He is a foundation member of ‘Suevia’ Group, forms part of ‘Crise’ Group and is also a member of the Galician Association of Artists (ARGA)

He has written texts for books, leaflets and catalogues about artists like Manuel Romero, Alfredo Erias, Secundino Rivera, Manuel Gandullo, María Xosé Leira, Emilio Celeiro, Ramón Astray, Luis Romero, Ángeles Jorreto, Lola Beade, Yolanda Dorda, Tino Poza, Manuel Ayaso, Alfonso Costa, Soledad Penalta and Pedro Bueno Salto, among others.

He has participated in several editions of "Encontros de Pintura e Poesía", organized by A Coruña County Council in Pazo de Mariñán and the City Councils of Brión and Culleredo. He carried out several individual exhibitions in A Coruña, Noia and Porto do Son and has participated in a lot of collective exhibitions all around Galicia and Portugal. Ánxeles Penas, Xulio L. Valcárcel, Alfonso Costa, Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello and Pedro Bueno have dealt with his artistic work.