Amancio Prada

Category: Singer-songwriter
Birth Date: In 1949
Birth Place: Dehesas (León)

He studied Sociology at Sorbona University in Paris and Harmony, Composition and Guitar with Professors Michel Puig and Silos Manso. After his début in Paris together with Georges Brassens in December 1973, he started his performances on the radio, TV and several French Universities.

 Work & Activities

In 1974, he recorded his first album in France titled Vida e Morte. When he returned to Spain in 1975, he recorded his second album dedicated to Rosalía de Castro and established himself in Segovia to devote himself to composition completely. In this stage he composed: Caravel de Caraveles, Canciones de Amor y Celda, Lelia Doura and Cántico Espitirual. In 1982, he recorded Canciones y Soliloquios, about poems by Agustín García Calvo. One year later, after his début at 'Palau de la Música' in Barcelona, Piccolo Theatre in Milan and Odeon Theatre in Paris, he recorded De la Mano del Aire (1984) and Dulce Vino de Olvido (1985). In 1986, he made his début with Sonetos del Amor Oscuro, by Federico García Lorca, at 'María Guerrero' Theatre in Madrid, (Lluis Pasqual was the scenic director) and prepared his next album Dama e o Cabaleiro (1987), about the neotrovadoresca poetry written by Álvaro Cunqueiro. In collaboration with the writer Manuel Vicent, he composed the songs of the album Navegando la Noche in 1988. In 1992, he recorded a double album titled Trovadores, Místicos y Románticos and two years later, in collaboration with Luis Fuente Ballet Company, he incorporated the show 'Canciones en Danza'. In 1994, he edited Emboscados and three years later he recorded Rosas a Rosalía (a new homage to the Galician poetess Rosalía de Castro) with the Galicia Royal Filarmony Orchestra and together with Amelia Muge, Ginesa Ortega, María del Mar Bonet, Marisa Paredes, María Dolores Pradera, Martirio, Nuria Espert and Pandereteiras de Baio. The album Tres Poetas en el Círculo (Cunqueiro, Lorca and García Calvo) (1988) was his first recording live. De mar e terra (1999) is a work related to the oral tradition. Escrito está (2001) is his most recent album and he continues to look for emotion and beauty.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Amancio Prada has participated in many national and international festivals and has given concerts in many foreign cities such as Rome, Stockholm, Geneva, Buenos Aires, New York, Lisbon, Caracas, Oporto, Chicago, Mexico, Rabat, Cologne, Utrecht, Ravenna, Athens, Brussels...