Manuel Álvarez Torneiro

Category: Poet and journalist
Birth Date: 7th July 1932
Birth Place: A Coruña

He studied at the Trade School in his city. He belongs to the so-called 'Xeración das Festas Minervais'. He wrote an extensive poetic work, whose importance was recognized in several studies and anthologies. He founded the group 'Amanecer' in the 50's. He collaborated in several collective books and magazines ('Dorna', 'Clave Orión', 'A Xanela', etc.), as well as in many recitals. He was the editor of the newspaper 'La Voz de Galicia' for 25 years, where he carried out an important activity as literary critic.

 Work & Activities

He has published the following books in Galician language: Memoria dun silencio, 'Do Castro' Publications, Sada-A Coruña (1982); Fertil corpo dosoño, accesit at 'Esquío' Prize (1985); Restauración dos días, 'Sotelo Blanco' Publications, 'Leliadoura' Collection (1986); As voces consagradas, accesit at 'González Garcés' Prize, County Council of A Coruña (1992); As doazóns do incendio, 'Sotelo Blanco' Publications, Leliadoura, (1993); Rigorosamente humano, 'Esquío' Prize (1994); Luz de facer memoria, 'González Garcés' Prize and 'Crítica del año 1999' Prize. In Spanish, he published: Desnudo en Barro (1983) and Cenizas en el Salmó (1985).