Canuto Berea

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 28th June 1836 (†24th February 1891)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He was a violinist and a pianist, taught Music and conducted choirs and choral societies. In 1854, he founded the first musical establishment in Galicia. He was first and second conductor in the Opera Company of the Municipal Theatre of A Coruña (1861-62) and the Theatre of Varieties (1863).

 Work & Activities

He gave recitals in Spain, Portugal and even in America. He wrote Galician melodies, hymns, marches, etc. These are some of his most important works: La Alfonsina, La luna de hiel, Un suspiro, etc. .

 Other Interesting Aspects

He became a member of 'San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts' and president of the Academy of Fine Arts in A Coruña. He was also Mayor in A Coruña, president of the trade section at the Chamber of Commerce in A Coruña as well as administrator and consultant of the bank firm 'Banco de España y Crédito Gallego'. He was awarded with the Cross of Carlos III for his work La Alfonsina.