Cándido J. Díaz Muela

Category: Musician
Birth Date: In 1960
Birth Place: Madrid

When he was ten, he showed his vocation for music. He began to study Recorder, Transverse Flute and Piano at the Conservatoire in Madrid and 'Clara' Academy with the Italian soloist Juan Onetto. He collaborated with several musical groups in Madrid such as 'Los chicos de la Turba', playing the transverse flute. In 1979, he established himself in Galicia, where he began to study the technique to play the Galician pipe and collaborated with Galician folk groups such as 'Fiandón' (Lugo), getting 'Cantareliña' first prize. In 1983, he formed part of a traditional acoustic trio called 'Los 3 de Galicia' with a traditional and popular repertory, presenting his music all over Galicia. In 1985, he formed part of the group 'Taranis' (Lugo), which was a folk group sponsored by the County Council of Lugo. In 1989, they made a record in 'Sonoland' Studio (Madrid). In 1991, he formed part of another folk group from Lugo called 'Brath' and recorded the LP Lembranza da Auga in Lisbon (Portugal). He combined his artistic activity with his professional career, finishing his studies on Classic Flute at the Music Conservatoire in Santiago. Since 1989, he has carried out several musical activities, showing Galician folklore through different cultural associations such as 'Espalladoira' and 'Zuncurrundullo'. He also directs the traditional group of pipes called 'As Mariñas' (Cambre - A Coruña). His passion for the pipe makes him promote Pipe Bands through the Galician Federation of Pipe Bands, consisting of over 125 bands.

 Work & Activities

He spent most of his time composing and arranging songs for Galician pipers, most of them taken from the compositions of the most important Galician composers such as Eduardo M. Torner, Jesús Bal y Gay, Antón Santamaría, Castro Sampedro, Manuel Rico Verea, etc. He is also very keen on didactic concerts such as 'Sonatas para Flauta y Clave de Bach', 'Suite en Si Menor para flauta y cuerda de Bach', 'Concierto en Mi Menor de Mercadante', 'Sonata de Paulenc', etc. Since 1977, he has been teaching Flute, Chamber Music and Orchestra at the Music Conservatoires in Vigo, A Coruña and Ourense. Since then, he has been composing themes for pipe bands, selecting those of classic music and sound tracks. These are his most important compositions: A noite da Mar, Vals en Coruña, De Turriff a Fisterra, Jota Zuncurrundullo, A Travesía dos Druídas, Muiñeira de Castroverde, Muiñeira y Jota de Baleira, O Reencontro, A Esmorga, A Fonte Encantada, Alalá das Montañas, O Castelo da Pena da Volta, Alborada en Castroverde, Alborada en Vidueiros, Resplador and De Madrugada.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, he conducts 'Zuncurrundullo' Pipe Band and fills the office of vice-president of 'Zuncurrundullo' Cultural Association.