Enrique Santín Díaz

Birth Place: Lugo

He took a degree in Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He worked as an assistant Professor of Natural Law and Law Philosophy (University of Santiago de Compostela), Professor of Roman Law (‘Primero de Mayo’ University School, Madrid), lawyer in the Bar Associations of Lugo, A Coruña, Oviedo and Madrid and accidental labour judge in Lugo. He filled several offices in the Civil Service.

 Work & Activities

He was the founder and honourable president of the Association of Galician Businessmen in Madrid (AEGAMA), president of the Federation of Associations of Galician Businessmen abroad (FEGAEX), president of the Vieira Cultural Association and vice president of the Galician Centre in Madrid. He is a honourable member of the Association of Galician Doctors (ASOMEGA), of the Club of Galician Journalists in Madrid, of the Galician Centre in Barcelona, of the Galician Centre in Salamanca and the ‘Real Club Deportivo da Coruña’. He is the elder brother of ‘Glorioso Apóstol Santiago’ Brotherhood and was awarded the ‘Paul-Harris Fellow’ Medal. He was on the board of directors of the Association of Galician Jurists in Madrid (IURISGAMA) and member of the Patronage of Cánovas del Castillo Foundation. He was nominated as ‘Gallego del mes’ (El Correo Gallego) and ‘Lucense do ano 2000’.
In 1980, he began to work as a legal adviser for a private firm. He was the founder and president of Cliner Group, president of Acumula, S.A., president of Agarimaria, S.A. and president of Barxa Mayor, S.L. He collaborated in Madrid, Pueblo, Arriba, Informaciones, Ya, ABC, El País and El Correo Gallego. He is the author of the following works: ‘El Secreto de Galicia’; ‘Asturias tópica e insólita’; ‘La empresa en el derecho laboral’; ‘El movimiento asociativo empresarial gallego’; ‘Ideas y reflexiones sobre el Camino de Santiago’ and ‘Textos literarios sobre Lugo y su provincia’, in collaboration with Xesús Alonso Montero.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following decorations: Civil Merit, Alfonso X El Sabio, Cardenal Cisneros, Military Merit, San Raimundo de Peñafort, Italian Republic, the gold medal of the Venezuelan-Spanish Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the gold badge of the Association of Galician Doctors (ASOMEGA). He is married and has a son.