Camilo Camaño Xestido

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 3rd January 1951
Birth Place: Coiro – Cangas (Pontevedra)
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He is an autodidact and criticizes teaching and the social and political development of his time. He loves architecture, design and artistic creativity (painting, sculpture, graphic work, illustration and scenography). He directed the Cultural Centre of Cangas and was the secretary of the executive committee of Casa da Bola Social Centre, member of the Municipal Patronage of the Historical Heritage of Cangas, member of the Local Health Council, member of several cultural and artistic associations, foundation member of Galuart -Grupo 13- (Galician-Portuguese Group of Artists), member of Grupo Tres, member of Raíces (Galician-Argentinian Group of Artists), honourable member of ‘Le Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Esculpteurs du Quèbec’, member of the ‘Círculo de Amigos del Arte’, member of the Galician Association of Artists, founder and ‘Gran Maestre’ of the ‘Serenisima Orde dos Cabaleiros da Pedra Moura’ and member of the panel in several national and international contests.

 Work & Activities

In addition to his paintings, sculptures and designs, he published several articles focussing in art critic as well as stories related to the local history and Galicia. He wrote the prologue and illustrated the following books: ‘Palabras que hablan’ by Rafael Mayor and ‘Os Canteiros e os Reloxos de Sol’ by Jozef Van Linthoudt. He collaborated in ‘La Generación del 98’ (documentary), directed by Xosé Alexandre Cribeiro.

1990. Caixavigo Gallery (Vigo).
1992. Altamira Gallery (Pontevedra) and Arte Caixa (Pontevedra).
1993. ‘Camaño Xestido. Vintecinco anos de Pintura, Paixón e Escultura’. Pontevedra County Council organized this retrospective exhibition, celebrated at Soutomaior Castle.
1994. ‘Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones’, Semana Verde Foundation, Berlin (Germany), ‘23y12’ Gallery and galleries of the Art and Design Centre of Havana (Cuba).
1996. Cervantes Institute (Lisbon, Portugal) and ‘Casa de Iberoamérica’ (Holguín, Cuba).
1997. Río de Janeiro Chamber (Brazil) and Pedro Ernesto Palace (Brazil).
1998. ‘La Tentation’, Casa de Galicia (Brussels - Belgium).
1999. Santiaguiño o Peregrino Abbey (Pontevedra) and Palace Gallery (Portugal).
2000. Atelier Alambique Gallery (Río Vide - Portugal); A Outra Margen Gallery (Coimbra - Portugal); ‘Casa Gallega de la Cultura’ (Vigo); Soutomaior Castle (Pontevedra); Göisarte 2000, (Góis - Portugal); Paços do Concelho (Montemor o Vello - Portugal); Barlovento / Sotavento, Galicia-Cuba Exhibition, (Cangas); ‘Catorce pinceis’- International Exhibition, Hera Gallery, (Porriño); ‘Raíces’ Galicia-Argentina Exhibition, Amalia Domínguez Búa Gallery (Bueu); Molière Theatre, (Lyon - France) and Aveiro University (Portugal).
2001. Sintra Museum (Portugal); Dorian Gallery (Vigo); ‘Muestra de Arte Sacra’, Casa da Bola, (Cangas - Pontevedra); ‘Carballart 01- 5 propuestas plásticas para o Orcellón’ (Carballiño - Ourense); Göisarte 2001 (Portugal); Galuart Workshop, Le Circle des Artistes (Quebec); ‘5 propostas plásticas’ (Bueu); Salon Internationale d'Automne à Montréal (Canada); ‘16 Propostas Plásticas Galegas’ and ‘Homenaje a Oliveira’, Hera Gallery (Porriño - Pontevedra).
2002. ‘Arquitecturas’, Alliance Française, Vigo (50th anniversary of the foundation).
Some of his works are exhibited in Galicia, Cuba, Brazil, United States, Brussels, Rumania, Switzerland, Portugal, France and Germany.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes: ‘La Flora de Marianao’ Medal for his artistic and cultural activity, Cuba (1994); FECIMO Prize (August 2000); Honour conferred by Río de Janeiro Chamber for his artistic, social and cultural activity (2001); Honour conferred by the Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de Río de Janeiro - Brazil; Mèdalle d´Or, Salón Internacional d´Automne, Montreal’ (2001); 18 ème Grant Concourse Annuel, Canada (2001) and Trophèe Ville de Montreal (2001).
There are references to his life and work in the following books: ‘Gran Enciclopedia Galega’; ‘Encontros (A Golada)’, Xunta de Galicia; ‘Camaño Xestido: 25 anos de pintura, paixón e escultura’, Pontevedra County Council (1993); ‘Camaño Xestido: Serie negra afro-americana’, Pontevedra County Council (1995); ‘Raíces’, Galician-Argentinian Collection, catalogue of the County Council, Xunta and Bueu City Council; ‘Galuart-Grupo 13’, catalogue of Pontevedra County Council (2000); ‘Galuart’, Fundaçao Joao de Magalhaes, Aveiro University (2000); ‘Galuart’, Montemor o Velho Municipal Chamber (2000); ‘5 propostas plásticas para O Orcellón’, O Carballiño City Council (2001); ‘O trazo aberto’, Pontevedra County Council (2002); Livre d'art sur les pensées d'artistes, Canada (2002); ‘Cangas na Historia; ‘Historia Fotográfica de Cangas, século XX’, Pontevedra County Council; ‘Guías Culturais. Artistas de Galicia’ (Xunta de Galicia); ‘Lembrando a Dalí’, A Coruña County Council (2004) and ‘Palabras que hablan’.
In 1989, he instituted ‘Luces na Mangallona’ Prize for Cultural and Research Activity. instituye el ‘Premio ó Labor Cultural e Investigación Luces na Mangallona’. This cultural event takes place on St John’s Eve at ‘A Mangallona’ Museum to honour people and associations for their activities in favour of culture and research.

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