Antonio Miguel De Ron Pedreira

Category: Biologist
Birth Date: 4th October 1952
Birth Place: Lugo
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-Doctor’s degree at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

-Teacher of Secondary Education (1977-1988).

-Scientist (1988-2004) and researcher (2004-2009) of the Council for Scientific Investigations.

-Head of the Department of Vegetal Improvement (1993-2004) and the Department of Phytogenetic Resources (2004-2010) of the Galician Biological Mission – Council for Scientific Investigations.

-Associate Professor of Genetics in the Campus of Lugo – University of Santiago (1990-2004).

-Professor of the Open University in Pontevedra since 2001.

-Delegate of the Galician Association of Biologists (1992-1994).

-President of the Science Society of Galicia since 1988.

-Research Professor of the Council for Scientific Investigations since 2009.


Research lines:


-Phytogenetic resources of leguminous plants.

-Phaseolus vulgaris as a model autogam plant for studies on genetics and evolution.

-Genetics and tolerance improvement to biotic and abiotic stresses, including an assisted selection for molecular markers.

-Genetics of symbiotic interaction between the rhizobium and plant.

-Genomics and proteomics of Phaseolus.


 Work & Activities

-Responsible for the collection ‘Germoplasma Vegetal de Leguminosas’ in the Galician Biological Mission – Council for Scientific Investigations (2800 samples of seeds).

-Author of forty-five international research articles with impact index, twenty-nine articles without index, seventy-nine national articles, thirty-three scientific books and monographs and twenty-three informative publications.

-Coordinator of five international projects, twelve national ones and eight autonomic R&D projects related to vegetal genetics. He got new bean-grain and pea-sheath varieties adapted to the agroecological conditions in Galicia.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: 'Honourable schoolboy' at 'San Clemente' Hall of Residence, Santiago de Compostela (1975; 'City of Pontevedra Prize - Scientific Values' (1981); 'City of Cordova' Prize for Horticultural Sciences (1999) and ‘Amigos de Pontevedra’ Prize for his activity as a Professor and researcher (2010).