Gabino Bugallal y Araujo

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 19th February 1861 (†31st May 1932)
Birth Place: Ponteareas (Pontevedra)

He studied Secondary Education in Pontevedra and Law in Santiago and Salamanca, taking his degree in 1880. He moved to Madrid, where he worked as an articled clerk. In 1886, he was elected as a deputy in Ponteareas (shortly after he would be elected in other districts) and nominated as secretary of the Parliament. He also filled the offices of director general of the Local Administration and public prosecutor in the High Court. In 1903, he was nominated as Minister of Public Instruction. In 1920, because of Eduardo Dato's murder, he was the president of the cabinet for five years and then became Minister of the Interior. He was nominated Minister in other 8 occasions, president of the Parliament and head of the Conservative Party. After the proclamation of the Second Republic, he moved to Paris.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences and the Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation.